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Over 500+ Real Business Plans to Jump-Start Your Plan

  • Automotive, Travel & Transportation

    Mechanical, travel services, transportation, rentals, parts and maintenance, education


    Household, construction, tools and equipment, agriculture, technology, business, fashion, chemicals

  • Children & Education

    Tutorial services, early development, support, consulting, development, placement

    Medical & Health Care

    Personal care, alternative medicine, equipment & technology, research & development, administrative services, technician

  • Clothing

    Retail, manufacturing, design initiatives, outlet operatives, fashion experience


    Community services, aid programs, arts & literature, legal assistance, co-op

  • Computers & Internet

    Entertainment, development, web startup, networking & management, e-commerce, IT, electronics

    Pets & Animal Services

    Breeders, pet services, animal care, pet groomers, animal shelters

  • Construction & Engineering

    Design & integration, residential, commercial, industrial, manufacturing, alternative energy

    Professional Services

    Communications, financial, investments, marketing & advertising, design, management, legal

  • Consulting

    Technology, investing, business, marketing & strategy, weddings & event planners

    Real Estate

    Property management, web resources, remodeling & renovations, agents

  • Entertainment

    Family fun, music, theatre & live performance, production, distribution, film

    Restaurants & Bars

    Franchises, clubs, beverage manufacturing, café, bakery, dining establishments

  • Food

    Franchise offerings, import & export, catering distribution, manufacturing


    Online services (e-commerce), technology, sports/adventure, art & antiques, home & garden, tools & hardware, equipment sales & rentals

  • Home-Based

    Sales & marketing, retail management, services & products, cottage industry, single employee ventures


    Outdoor & indoor, trades, technology & electronics, repair & installation, marketing, business, eco-friendly

  • Hotels & Hospitality

    Resort & lodgings, service & customer care, training & management, tours, niche venues

    Sports, Outdoors & Fitness

    Equipment, parts & manufacturing, facilities, indoor/outdoor, education