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What our users are saying:

  • “The fact we’ve been using Business Plan Pro for nearly five years on a daily basis is testimony to our trust in the software and the people behind it. Nothing comes remotely close to the Palo Alto toolkit.”

    Nick Spooner, CEO, London
  • “Gave me the skills to put my business plan together to win 70K business loan at a time when the banks are not leanding”

    David Merriman, Witney, Oxfordshire
  • “Would like to say thank you. I'm totally brand new to business & did not have a clue how to do a business plan as I was previously a forklift driver. The people involved actually asked me if they could use my plan to show other people in the future. They said it was one of the best ones they have seen. I think it was an excellent result and that is why I'm giving credit where it is due.”

    Brian Chamberlin, Dorset
  • “We got a real insight from using Business Plan Pro. It helped us to be completely prepared when approaching the banks for assistance.”

    Martin Williams, Wales
  • “Use this software and kick butt!”

    Guy Kawasaki
  • “One of the best business planning tools.”

    business week
  • “Produces a finished product you can hand to bankers”

  • “A great example of an out-of-box solution that is user-friendly and produces a formatted final product you can circulate among potential investors.”

  • “Business Plan Pro helps you create polished, professional business plans backed up by solid financials you can take to the bank. This tried-and-true software helps you prepare a polished, written business plan.”

    pc world
  • “Superb program that is a must for anyone serious about making their business a success.”

    the sun
  • “An easy way to get started.”

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